From the early days of the Cavern club to the rooftop of the Apple building, Bestbeat is coming to take you on a magic journey to the 60’s trough the music of the biggest 20th CE band. Our program consists of songs that were once performed by the Fab Four, and we will not leave indifferent even the most die-hard Beatles fans. Performing in theatres, concert halls, festivals, clubs and city squares, this Quartet resonates with John, Paul, George and Ringo’s message heard by millions, five decades ago, a message of love, peace and understanding.

To all of you who believe that “All you need is love”, Bestbeat hopes that you will enjoy the show!



The Bestbeat Beatles tribute band was originally formed in 2005, in hopes of reminding their audience of the greatest band of the 20th century. The band plays on the same instruments the Beatles themselves used, wears custom-made Beatles costumes and wigs and aims to recreate the entire timeline of the Beatles' music during a single performance. Each member of the band inhabits their role for the full duration of each concert. 

The show is suitable for all venues or audiences. The band has played in theaters and concert halls, clubs, city squares, festivals, and even private parties and corporate events. People of all ages and backgrounds have come to see the show, and the band has always tried to make the experience memorable. 

The Bestbeat has performed in Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Belarus, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Belgium, and Bulgaria, but their proudest moment was having 14 performances in Liverpool at Beatle Week 2014 and in 2019 in all the places the Beatles themselves had played 50 years ago, most notably - the Cavern Club. 

In a special edition of the best-selling U.S. magazine Newsweek, which is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the single "Love me do", the Bestbeat was among 30 most prominent Beatles tribute bands on the planet in 2012.


Belgrade, Serbia